UK cheap super clone Tag Heuer Monaco still a powerful presence in the world of watches

Motorsport shares a long and prosperous lineage with the world of luxury replica watches.

Anyone vaguely familiar with horology is likely aware that Paul Newman’s own fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, reference 6239, went for an eye-watering $17.8m at auction a few years back – holding the title of the most expensive piece sold for some time.

But the unmistakeable case shape of the perfect super clone TAG Heuer Monaco is as equally attached to fellow actor Steve McQueen – worn on his wrist in the 1971 film Le Mans.

The then Heuer, now luxury replica Tag Heuer UK, Monaco began life in 1969 and in the decades since has seen various iterations and interpretations.

But it’s a chronograph which, in its current modern form, hasn’t strayed too far from that original copy watch in terms of design, presence and size – technology and modern movements aside.

Lunn’s actually has one of the original replica watches online uk, this from 1972, in stock at the moment. It’s an amazing piece of vintage horology and extremely interesting to see both an older watch and its modern version up close.

Of course, the brand has expanded and developed its range based on the pedigree over the years, so there are numerous references which deviate significantly from the original DNA.

But turning to the modern day high quality super clone TAG Heuer Monaco, the model based on the original, this isn’t a small watch and its wrist presence is hard to argue. You’re certainly making a point when wearing it.

The deep vibrant blue dial has a subtle sunburst effect, with a bit more pop and panache than the original 1970s aaa quality replica watch.

Thick and sturdy hour markers flank the outside of the dial, with two soft squares as sub dials to the left and right, while the seconds hand sit under the ‘automatic’ text below.

And there’s a hefty chunk of sapphire crystal on the 39mm case. And the 39mm TAG Heuer replica for sale is all relative, obviously, as this is a square dial and thus feels larger than an equivalent traditional watch.

Under a loupe, the finishing is clean and tidy, with subtle brushing on the front and side of the case, while the edges, tops of the lugs, edges of the pushers and the crown are polished.

A deployant clasp is always welcomed with a super clone watch of this size and really should be a prerequisite when we’re in this sort of price range. It’s clean and simple and almost entirely polished.

The stats say this is 22mm lug width, but that belies its true size as it tapers down significantly to around 18mm.

The blue leather strap is a classic and pairs well with the blue on the dial and overall aesthetic. Slightly upgraded from the motoring look of the traditional offering with a touch more formality thanks to the alligator strap and tidy dark blue stitching, it’s all held together with a small high quality super clone Tag Heuer buckle.

While there’s no doubt this is a chunky copy watch, it feels appropriate given its style, on wrist. The chronograph pushers have a satisfying click when initiated and winding the movement with the crown is smooth.

There’s a sizeable exhibition caseback to show off that Calibre 02 in-house movement. While the decoration is subtle it’s still an attractive piece of engineering, set off by a skeletonised rotor in black with red lettering.

The only thing to be aware is to make sure you don’t wear this one too loose, as with such a chunky case you’ll not want it flying around on wrist and potentially clanking against a door or handle.

The best 1:1 super clone TAG Heuer Monaco sits in the same price bracket as the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch and is considerably less than the almost unattainable Rolex Daytona, but boasts a lineage and design style which is hard to argue with. It’s certainly a head-turner.

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