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UK Cheap Super Clone Tag Heuer x Porsche Debut Electrifying New Watch

Swiss super clone Tag Heuer UK has announced a new collaboration with Porsche. The watch is also the latest model in its successful smartwatch line, known as Tag Heuer Connected.

Both the perfect replica TAG Heuer and its software borrow design cues from Porsche’s Taycan, the first series production electric car launched by the luxury carmaker in 2020. A “frozen blue” metallic colour palate is used across a new watch face and the strap’s stitching. The Porsche-inspired face adds to the luxury fake TAG Heuer Connected line’s existing suite of mechanical and digital-inspired designs, and is named “Circuit”. Porsche owners will be able to display information from their car on the watch, including millage, car battery percentage and temperature. “Circuit” is a reference to both racing circuits and circuit boards.

The watch, titled the 1:1 replica Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E – Porsche Edition, follows the announcement last year of a global partnership, marked by a first collaborative watch, the UK AAA super clone Tag Heuer x Porsche Carrera Chronograph.

Although the two brands share a rich motorsport history, and both produce a model named “Carrera”, the partnership was a long time coming.

The companies had crossed paths for decades. Swiss made replica Tag Heuer’s Carrera being named for the Carrera Panamericana, the gruelling 2,000-plus mile road race across Mexico that ran from 1950 to 1954 in its original form, before being closed down following multiple fatalities. When it was released in 1963, CEO Jack Heuer named his brand’s new chronograph the Carrera, or “race”, in tribute.

Not long before Porsche went electric with its four-door Taycan – a hit that accounted for more than seven percent of the company’s bottom line in its launch year – high quality fake Tag Heuer had begun sponsoring the formula E championship, helping raise the profile of single-seater electric car races. Porsche created its own Formula E team with Tag Heuer as title and timing partner in 2019. The first fake watch collab came two years later.

It would be fair to say this watch ties all that together in a neat bow, uniting a chargeable car with a chargeable watch, while being both future-facing and celebratory of both brand’s storied pasts. Tag Heuer super clone for sale UK was the first traditional Swiss watchmaker to embrace smartwatch technology, debuting its best copy Tag Heuer Connected watch in 2015 – the same year the Apple Watch came out. Many of its peers, having pooh-poohed the idea of a “luxury smartwatch”, have been left playing catch-up.

“Our brands have led the way in embracing new technologies,” says Detlev von Platen, member of the executive board for sales and marketing at Porsche AG. “This product highlights the natural synergy.”

The timing is impeccable.

Yesterday the Taycan set a new Nüburgring electric car lap record, shaving two seconds off Tesla’s previous best of seven minutes 35 seconds with its Model S Plaid.

The Swiss movement super clone Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E – Porsche Edition comes in a 45mm black DLC titanium sandblasted case and runs a customised version of Google’s Wear OS system, featuring a suite of sport and wellness apps, plus the usual integration with Android phones.

If you’d like to check whether own your car is compatible with the copy watch paypal, you’ll need a Panamera (G2 models from 2022 onwards), Panamera (G2), 911 (922 models from 2022 onwards), 911, Cayenne (E3 models from 2022 onwards), Cayenne E2 II, 718, or a Macan II or III.

Or, of course, a Taycan.

The Swiss made fake Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E – Porsche Edition will be released in September, price £2,300.