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Tastefully honouring the legends – Cheap Super Clone TAG Heuer Watches

It didn’t end there, however. After the success of the initial blue and reverse panda Glassbox models, perfect super clone TAG Heuer UK followed up with an absolute killer. Using the Glassbox shape, the brand revived the Skipper, one of the most-loved vintage Heuers, doing so in a perfectly tasteful manner. While not exactly a re-edition, the new Skipper has all the hallmarks of what made the originals so collectible, most of all the funky-coloured sub-dials. This was a big hit, and most surprising of all – you can walk into a shop and buy it, as it’s not a limited edition. What’s more, at A$9,800, it’s not such a bad deal, either, considering the stratospheric climb in retail prices as of late. Spoiler alert – it may get another mention in a “best of”.

The cherry on top for the 60th anniversary of the luxury super clone TAG Heuer Carrera UK has to be the solid gold Glassbox. So clearly inspired by the 1158 CHN racing chronographs bestowed upon the wrists of F1 drivers by none other than Jack Heuer, it was yet another example of why reissues are not always the way to go. I could wax lyrical about how beautiful it is (or you can simply check out Jamie’s article), but I think I can make my point saying it was one of the best-looking super clone watches online released this year.

It wasn’t just the aaa quality super clone TAG Heuer Carrera that got some special attention, either. It’s safe to say that we won’t see any drastic changes to the basic Monaco design for a while, so seeing TAG Heuer fake for sale UK experiment here and there with a few special editions is always exciting. My personal favourite has to be the Night Driver, but based on feedback from our audience, it also seems the top quality fake TAG Heuer Monaco Skeleton was really well-received. It’s a little too modern for my personal tastes, but it just goes to show that you can have a copy watch so clearly inspired by its history successfully executed in a modern manner.